We care about you! We are utilizing "Scratch Off" Authenticity labels on our products to ensure that users get an genuine, body safe Blush product. This program has
started on January 1st, 2018 and will be on every Blush product by the end of the year. If your product comes with an Authenticity Label, please utilize this
verification service. It's your body be mindful of what you put in it.

What if my code is not authentic?

1. Don’t use the toy. If your code is not authentic, then you have a counterfeit “knock off” product. It may be made of compounds that may be harmful to your body.
Our goal is to help consumers avoid toxins such as lead, phthalates, paraffins, petroleum oil, cadmium, and many other toxins. Some of these chemicals are
known hormone disruptors, may cause cancer, and many other ailments.

2. Save the product as evidence. Contact the seller. Contact us with the details.

3. Explain to the seller you received a counterfeit item. Tell them Blush Novelties products come with an Authenticity Verification Label and the product you received
had a label where the code on the label failed the verification test on the Blush Novelties website.

4. Please only click the “verify” button once. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This is a one time use code. Once it has been verified it cannot be submitted again. If you
submit the code more than once by clicking the “Verify now” button more than once you will get a false message saying “This code was previously checked on YYYY/MM/DD
HH:MM:SS. This product may be a counterfeit, Please contact Blush” when in fact your item is authentic. Once you click the “verify” button please wait until you get a response.