With Authenticity Check from Blush, you never have to guess whether a product is authentic or a counterfeit. Since January 1st, 2018, we have been using scratch off authenticity labels on all of our packages to help you be confident in your purchase. We want to ensure all customers receive a lab certified body safe Blush product. 

How do I check if my product is authentic? 

Blush Authenticity Sticker

Locate the authenticity label on the product packaging. It may be inside some boxes or paper cards. Use a coin or key to scratch the silver "Scratch to Verify" section. 

Note: Each authenticity code is a ONE time use code. When checking authenticity, please only click "verify now" button once and wait for the page to update. Once it has been verified it can not be submitted again. If the code gets submitted more than once, you will get a message saying it may be counterfeit. 

What if my code is not authentic? 

Don't use the toy. If your code is not authentic, you may have a counterfeit or knock off product. It may contain toxic materials such as lead, phthalates, paraffins, petroleum oil, cadmium, and many others. Some of these chemicals are known hormone disruptors, can cause painful skin reactions and may cause cancer among other ailments. 

Save the product as evidence. Contact the seller. Contact us with details.