Blush Novelties is excited to introduce Gaia, the first sex toy on the market made of BioFeel, a non-petroleum plant based material. At Blush Novelties, we’re always looking to be innovative with our choice of materials. This material is the perfect choice for a vibrator since it is nonporous, body safe and easy to clean. Gaia is smooth to the touch, transfers vibrations beautifully and looks and feels like other premium hard-plastic toys.

The Gaia line takes away the guilt of ecological damage caused to the environment through your pursuit of pleasure.

With climate change becoming a bigger issue each year, at least you know there is one company thinking of your pleasure and the environment!
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Gaia - Eco - Coral
Item Number:BL-81900
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Gaia - Eco - Aqua
Item Number:BL-81902
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Gaia - Eco - Green
Item Number:BL-81922
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Gaia - Eco Bullet - Coral
Item Number:BL-82900
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Gaia - Eco Bullet - Aqua
Item Number:BL-82902
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Gaia - Eco Bullet - Green
Item Number:BL-82922
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Gaia - Gaia Eco Bullet 18 Piece PDQ Display
Item Number:BL-99829
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Gaia - Eco G Spot Vibe - Coral
Item Number:BL-69410
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Gaia - Eco Rechargeable Bullet - Lilac
Item Number:BL-83901
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