The Prostimulator Prostate Massager

An instrument of simplicity, Our prostate massaging toys: The Prostimulator, Adonis and Prostimulator VX1 exhibits a modern design. They are developed for precise P-Spot stimulation. Developed through extensive scientific and practical research by a team of doctors and sexologists Our selection of prostate massagers are made from body safe materials such as pure silicone and shaped for pleasure. To use our Prostimulator [Adonis and Prostimulator VX1 can be used in a similar fashion. Experimenting is the best method to use.]: Insertion: First, choose your lubricant. Product is compatible with both silicone and waterbased lubricants. To prepare your anus please apply lube to your fingers. Then massage lube into your anus. Relax your sphincter by breathing slowly. focus on relaxing the sphincter muscles. Now clear you mind. Lie down on your side. Knees bent slightly. Insert The Prostimulator into your anus. Insert completely and comforably the bulbous tip of the Prostimulator points in the direction and making contact with your prostate. Continue to relax and engage in erotic play by yourself or with a partner. To better focus on the task at hand which is to concentrate on the sensations in your prostate, anal canal and perineum try not to touch your penis and try to be in a position where the Prostimulator is not poking into or rubbing on the bed or any other surface you are on. Getting used to it and into it: for the next 15 minutes or so. you will continue to relax and getting used to the Prostimulator being inside of you. Continue your erotic play and enjoy the moment. When you have gotten comfortable with the Prostimulator in you, you may feel the prostate start to swell against The Prostimulator. The prostate fills with blood when it is aroused and you will start to feel pleasurable prostate stimulation. This will lead into the "milking" of your prostate and then intense P-spot orgasms. Vibrations and Contractions: When you contract your sphincters it will help The Prostimulator send vibrations up to the point of the toy and onto your prostate. Contract as your inhale and let go as you exhale. Experiment with the length of your contractions . Keeping your sphincters tight and contracted will cause your sphincter muscles to tremble and quiver. This actually stimulate your prostate. Continue to enjoy The Prostimulator and continue with your erotic play, stimulating the rest of your body as well as your penis. Begin direct and intense stimulation through masturbation or intercourse. When you finally reach your orgasm your orgasm will be extremely intense. everyone is different. Continue experimenting with your Prostimulator. Things to experiment with: • length of contractions • different methods of stimulating other parts of your body and mind • positions - best results come from when the user is lying on his side. kneeling also produces great results. Keep practicing and experimenting. there are many forums and blogs focusing on P spot stimulation. Every one's experience with prostate massagers is a unique. If you do not have success immediately continue practicing. The comfortable you are with using prostate massagers and the more experience you gain by using them the greater the chance you will reap your reward. The holy grail. The ultimate full body orgasm!